Impact on people

In working life, we expect a change in education and professional qualifications. Increasing technical possibilities enable us to enjoy more individualized education in the future than today. Already available Massive Open Online Courses from elite universities such as Harvard and Yale allow us to attend high quality and specialized lecture series. Through their organization we are able to visit online all courses we want, where we want and whenever we want. This is the beginning of a development, which is summarized under the term individualization and which brings  the possibility with it to further develop according to its interests. Digitization will threaten some jobs over the next few decades and high-quality academic and creative jobs will be in demand. This development is accompanied by the increasing expression of the knowledge society: Today significantly more people are going to study than they were 20 years ago and more substantial people are looking to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.

In private life, the connectivity of all devices and the associated assistance services provides us with support in many aspects. Eventually, our closet will in the future match our daily clothes selection to the weather and scheduled activities in the calendar, while the coffee maker has already noticed our getting up and prepared our favorite coffee. In the future, it is conceivable to carry out doctor & business appointments, purchases and much more exclusively online and from home, while intelligent systems take over household tasks and ensure a safe and healthy environment. This allows people much more spare time, but also forces them to a higher dependence & connectedness of or with technology.
Another aspect of digitalization and what will have a long-term effect on private life is the increasing life expectancy made possible by both technical and medical advances. In the future it seems possible through the fusion of humans and technology not only to cancel anatomical ills and diseases, but rather to achieve an increase in performance. For example, there are already technical possibilities to let blind people see again.