Regional development is not an end in itself. Anyone who develops something also wants to know what has been achieved after a certain amount of time. Accordingly, the achievement of objectives must be measured and evaluated. Target deviations provide grounds for inquiry and change: What went wrong, why did it go wrong, how can we change it, what can we learn from it? If the goals are achieved or the target deviation is higher, the following questions could be asked: What went well? How did we achieve that? How can we do that?

In addition to the effectiveness, that is the benefit and the added value, the efficiency, quality and acceptance of the measures must also be considered in order to achieve better deployment, more targeted management and higher quality of offers and measures. Development processes are therefore continuously monitored and their progress assessed.

Through our many years as Regional Manager, we are well acquainted with the methods of evaluation and can draw on the conclusions of our wealth of experience.