Finances & Controlling

To safeguard your business, we also support you in the operative business and create your monthly key figures, for example in the form of a balanced scorecard, so that you always have a grip on your business. We rely on a wealth of experience with a variety of tools and find technical solutions that are efficient and economical for you. For example, even in large companies, small margins or subsidiaries can be equipped with low-priced solutions from Lexware, or in return, even small SMEs can rely on SAP solutions. In addition to the installation of controlling instruments, we also take over controlling your own costs or sales activities.

In addition, as an outsourcing partner, we take on, for example, investment management, cash management, asset management; – show you opportunities for debt financing or make investment calculations for you

Below you can see our main services listed in this business area.

Our services in the field of finance & controlling: