In “Coaching” people are in the foreground. Our target group are existing or aspiring entrepreneurs and leadership teams who want to personally develop themselves. It also targets people who have public or political responsibilities, political bodies and associations or interest groups. Our portfolio is divided into three main areas:


  • The Programes Individual coaching & Waldhof coaching are designed for people who would like to receive professional support according to the basic coaching concept in their business activities. Accordingly, we assume the role of companion, impulse and feedback provider. These programs are highly customized. In open discussions, we discuss what really matters to you and what concerns you and with our company-specific experience and expertise, present you with appropriate solutions / answers. There are no inappropriate questions.
  • The Programes Strategy & SpaEscape from everyday life are specifically designed for groups and should ensure that “everyone pulls together”. Her focus is on team building measures to improve the working environment. Furthermore, these programs should help through moderated discussions to work out and establish a common vision of the strategy and the future of the company.
  • The programs held in groups Working group / Seminar are designed for people who would like to develop on a business level. These include scenario-specific topics such as “company formation” and “succession” as well as more general business topics.


By the way: Some of our offers can also be subsidized for existing entrepreneurs through various subsidy programs.