Strategy evaluation

There are companies that seem to be invulnerable, calmly face crises, are always successful in the market, valued by clients, loved by investors, and feared by the competition.

Soccerball v2.0 is our business model analyzer that reviews your strategic direction and consistently positions your business as a true winner in the marketplace. Soccerballs are agile and fast on the market, resilient in crises, and financially independent.

By the way: Especially for founders, we have developed a founding version of our Soccerball method.

Planning evaluation

To put your business idea into words and form a business plan that can convince investors is a time-consuming and costly challenge.

We offer you the opportunity to review your busy business plan – a thorough examination.

After you send us your written business plan, we will work through it. You will receive direct intermediate feedback including a written elaboration (if applicable, a viability certificate), rounded off by a half-day workshop with an experienced jury member at BP competitions to discuss any proposed changes to the optimization, especially regarding:

  • Burden
  • Realization
  • Practicability
  • Risks & Dangers
  • Addressing the target group